Top 10 Halloween Masks 2013

Go incognito this Halloween. For 2013, our collection of Halloween Masks include something from the past, the future, something gruesome and something handsome. We´ll have you looking like someone or something else. Stop your search and check out our picks for the top 10 Halloween Masks for 2013.

Spider-Mans most dangerous enemy! This mask features an over the head vinyl character mask.
Carnage Mask

From Universal Studios science fiction horror film! This mask features a full over the head latex mask.
They Live Mask

One of the most popular superheroes of all time, Batman! This mask features Full over-the-head latex mask.
Batman Full Mask

The face of evil! This mask features a full over-the-head totally deranged, mouth agape with tongue hanging out latex mask. Individually hand painted for the most realistic look possible.
Tongue Slasher Mask

Become a legend! This mask features brown latex mask modeled after the legendary sasquatch creature!
Big Foot Mask

This bouncing baby boy will rattle the bars of any crib! This mask features a latex outer skin with blow-up insert for lightweight custom fit. Easy to wear and remove. You will standout wherever you go with these big heads.
Big Baby Head

Form the ultimate team! The mask features a plastic blue character mask.
Blue Power Ranger Mask

A classic and original monster! This Silver Screen Edition features deluxe latex construction, complete over the head adult mask. Each mask is individually hand painted. Greenish gray skin coloration.
Frankenstein Mask

A replica of Michael Myers! This mask features a full over the head latex mask complete with sculpted hair.
Halloween II Mask

A dangerous adventure awaits for this superhero! This mask features a red and yellow character helmet.
Iron Man 3 Helmet