Top 10 Halloween Costume Trends 2013

1. Marvelous Medieval
Be crowned best-dressed character of Halloween! Get inspired by what's trending NOW in entertainment, like medieval-fantasy hit TV series. Create a mother of dragons look or become a noble king with faux furs, wigs, crowns and capes. Click the pics above to see more top 10 trends like Monster High, zombies and geeks. Let the games begin!
2. Rainbow Ravers
Do you ♥ the club scene? Bring the funky fabulous energy and bright colors of the club to Halloween! Ombré, neon and rainbow are on-trend and perfect for mix-n-match. Let your colorful personality shine in kaleidoscopic wigs, leg warmers, tutus and wings. Under the black light, your neon rave wear will glow even brighter – making sure all eyes are on you! 

3. Chilling Black & Bone
Drag your skeletons out of the closet this Halloween! The too-cool-for-the-grave trend of the year is striking Black & Bone: skeleton-print on black with Victorian-style stripes and lace. Skeletal tanks and tees, leggings, gloves and wings are just the right mix of creepy and cool – especially when you give it a gothic edge with dashing jackets, corsets and petticoats. Creep on over to our 'Black & Bone' Candy Buffet Ideas Gallery for wicked-cool treats, cocktails and decorations for a bad to the bone bash. Boo!

4. Oz the Wacky and Wonderful!
Take a trip down the yellow brick road as your favorite Wizard of Oz character. This year's Oz the Great and Powerful adds a slew of new characters to the already well-loved favorites like Dorothy and the Cowardly Lion – get the whole family in on the fun! Picking the perfect character is easier than clicking your heels together…there's no place like Party City!

5. Geek Chic
Geek out! With science nerds making a big bang on television, geeks have made it to the top of the social hierarchy. Show your love of everything nerdy with geek-tastic t-shirts, glasses and pocket protectors. Even Hello Kitty has gone geek with cute and colorful accessories! Say it loud and proud: "I'm a nerd!" 

6. Cirque du Burlesque
Entertain the crowd with a sexy mix of circus and burlesque! Everyone is going gaga for wild and whimsical fashion with a touch of the bizarre. Create a menagerie of exotic "animals" with skintight catsuits in wet-look pleather or animal prints. Bring the house down as a sexy ringmaster with a whip to keep your wild creatures in line – the perfect look for a group!

7. Monster High Fashionistas
The freaky fashionistas from Monster High are going to rule Halloween! These exclusive deluxe costumes feature favorites like Draculaura and Frankie Stein and creep-tastic new characters like Jinafire Long. With wicked-awesome wigs, leggings and jewelry to accessorize with, you'll have a to-die-for look that's all yours!
8. Zombies with Character!
Zombies may be undead, but the zombie trend is alive and kicking thanks to the popularity of apocalyptic movies and TV shows like "The Walking Dead." Stand out from the horde this Halloween by being a zombified character that's uniquely you: Perfect your pirouette as a prima ballerina with a taste for brains. Or go as a doctor who likes eating his patients as much as operating on them! Prom queen, rock star, cheerleader, football player – your undead options are endless! 
9. Magical Disney Princesses
Beloved Disney Princesses are making this Halloween a fairy tale come true! With more Disney Princess costume and accessory options to choose from than ever before, everyone can have their own "Once upon a time..." Let your tween try a modern twist on Ariel, create a unique look for your little girl with mix-n-match princess tutus and tiaras or get dressed up in matching Mommy & Me costumes!

10. Flutter Fairies
Fairies are taking flight this Halloween! Is your little girl fierce and fashionable? Cute as a ladybug? Or does she adore pink princesses? Whatever her personality, mix-n-match Flutter Fairy accessories are a fun way to create a unique fairy costume that's all her own! It's so easy, you'll think it's magic...