Funny Happy Thanksgiving Pictures and Cards 2013

Halloween is over for another year, on to Thanksgiving, here's some turkey day humor to help tolerate the next month of thankfulness!
Tofu Turkey ecardTurkey VW Bug

Thanksgiving e-card LOLFunny Family Thanksgiving e-card

Dysfunctional Thanksgiving ecardFunny Thanksgiving MeME

Alternate Universe TurkeyTurkeys in a "Hot Tub"Bacon Wrapped Turkey

Norman Rockwell Turkey and BabyFunny Thanksgiving Dog

Types of Turkey Fonz StarTrekFlamingo Turkey Disguise

Turkey taking stuffing dump
Where stuffing comes from....
Funny Turkey CostumeTurkey with Tan LinesBlind Man Thanksgiving Cartoon
Have a Happy Funny Thanksgiving! We're thankful for everyone who visited our website over the Halloween season. Don't worry it'll be Christmas before you know it.