18 of The Best Halloween Costumes for Couples 2013

Wanna have a fun Halloween with your husband or wife? A great opportunity for couple bonding is to put together matching costumes. Here's some of our favorites that are creative, funny, and original. Have fun!
Dorothy and Tin Man Wizard of Oz
Dorothy and Tin Man Wizard of Oz
Shrek Couple
Fred and Wilma
Kermit and Ms Piggy Halloween Costumes
Kermit and Ms Piggy Halloween Couple
Ghost-busters Wife and Marshmallow Man
Pop Rocks and Soda Husband and Wife
Mexican Wrestlers Couple Costume...... Looks Like a Fun Match !
Hall and Oates for Halloween
Up Couple Costumes
Smurf Couple
White Swan and Black Swan LOL
Zombie Wedding Couple
He-Man and She-Ra
Snow White and Dwarf Couple Costume
Morticia and Gomez Couple
Nightmare Before Christmas Couple Halloween
Al and Peg Married Costume
Wonder Woman and Capt. America Costume