Funny, Crazy and Highly Inappropriate Halloween Costumes

Headless Boy Head In A Jar Costume

Google Boobs Costume
Sexiest Google Costume

Franzia Wine Box Costume
Wine In A Box Costume

Breaking Bad Costume
Breaking Bad Costume

Bloody Pad Costume

Breathalyzer Halloween Costume
Breathalyzer Costume

Fat Greenman Costume
Large Greenman

Jack Daniels and Marlboro Costume
Jack And A Pack

Marijuana Weed and Blunts Costume
Marijuana Weed and Blunts Costume

Octomom Costume
Octomom Costume


CountrySuperwoman said...

haha Google is a friend of mine!

Unknown said...

Should I be alarmed to know that there are women who would actually use that breathalizer?

Anna Schafer said...

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